Alison McLeod


Senior Consultant

Alison is a communications chameleon who pushes the boundaries to create pioneering content and strategy with unparalleled results.

She loves to write.

And just as well, because over the last 15 years she’s written disruptive, thought-leading content for the private sector, not-for-profits and government. Her work has informed government officials, educated an entire community during the largest drought crisis on record, supported young people in their transition from school to work, and been a voice of reason in the fallout from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

At Fly The Flag, Alison delivers copywriting services with the ability to translate tech-speak into straight talk, a deep understanding of tone and reach, and is experienced in writing for websites and SEO.

Never content to give you standard content, Alison will discover brand stories you had no idea existed and sculpt them into out of this world copy that will attract, persuade and inspire.

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